Broadband Availability When Moving House

Broadband Availability When Moving House

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When people move home, one of the important questions which often arises is the issue of transporting the broadband connection. Sustaining broadband availability over the transition can be incredibly important for people who work from home or who have family spread over long distances, but even for those people using the internet purely for pleasure, having this access can be very reassuring and help to make the move seem less stressful. Fortunately, when moving house there are a few simple steps to follow which should help remove the probability of problems arising. Unlike in previous years, where the priorities were simply the gas, water, electric and council tax, broadband has rapidly become one of the essential connections for the modern home.

First and foremost, it must be checked that the existing broadband package is also available in the new location. The easiest way to do this is to speak with the provider, who should be happy to perform a postcode check to make sure the service will not be altered in any way. 99% of the country is covered by the ADSL broadband network, making problems less of an issue, but with cable or fibre packages a lower proportion of the country has coverage and thus it is important to check first. In most cases, if the current supplier is not able to meet requirements in the new geographical area then they will be able to change the package to the closest possible approximation – that is, they might offer to downgrade the fibre package to the best quality ADSL broadband. If not, then there is always the option to cancel the policy though this may incur an additional charge.

Some people prefer to simply cancel their broadband outright and then sign up with a new supplier once the move is finished. This is not always very efficient. If there is a minimum term arrangement with the current supplier, it is likely that there will be fees to pay for early termination. There are not usually the same level of charges to transfer a package to a new address. Generally, moving home does not incur a fee, though there are of course exceptions. If the customer requires a visit from an engineer to perform the installation, then it is likely that this will not be free of charge. Likewise, if moving to a property without a phone line then there will be a charge for installing one and for its connection. The supplier will be able to let you know if this is likely to be the case. Finally, if the customer chooses to upgrade their service as part of the move, for example by choosing to upgrade to fibre coverage in the new home, then there might be costs incurred for activating this supply.


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