What Every One Should Know About Free Perfume Samples

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Women enjoy going to their favorite department store and purchasing those exotic and exquisite smelling perfumes. However, getting free perfume samples is even better. The fact is that there are literally millions of women getting those free perfume samples UK deals across the country.

Getting free perfume samples by mail is easier than you might think. What is their secret to getting those free deals. Well, let’s take a closer look and discuss those secrets.

Make A Big Stink
Here is the real deal and what everyone should know about free perfume samples. You have to get the attention of the manufacturer. How do you get their attention? You have to make a big stink about their product. In other words, you have to draw some negative attention to the perfume. Select a perfume. Locate the company contact information on the package or visit their website. Contact the company and make a complaint. Asks them to replace the perfume or compensate you with a coupon or free gift card. Most companies do not like unhappy customers and will send you a replacement or a voucher for a new bottle of perfume.
Give Them Compliments
This is exactly the opposite of the first. Find the contact information of a favorite perfume company. Look on the bottle or visit their website. Write them a very positive email or postal letter that compliments them on their wonderful perfume. Tell the company that you absolutely love their perfume. Give them a nice little personal story about wearing the perfume and compliments received. Ask the company for a few free samples. Most companies are glad to send a few free perfume samples to admiring customers. Wait for your free perfume samples by mail.

Visit Department Stores
Pay your favorite department store a visit. Head on over to the perfume counter. Search for your favorite perfume. Ask the sales representative for a few samples of your favorites. Most are glad to distribute those free perfume samples to customers.

Top Methods for Samples
In this piece, we covered the top three methods for getting free perfume samples. There are several other ways too.

For example:
-Join survey sites that let you sample perfumes and complete surveys about the products
-Join online reward programs that offer few perfumes
-Check freebie and sample website for few perfume samples


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