Most People Are Lazy, Enter Harder Competitions And Win More

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Finally, it is important to get organised. Learn where you can find new competitions when they start. It is easy to ensure that you don't miss out, simply sign up to a comping website or forum where you will be the first to find out about the latest competitions.

If you want a tip on which competitions tend to receive the least entries, it is competitions which involve creativity such as writing a slogan. You never know what the judges are looking for and your slogan could be the one that stands out. As a general rule, the harder a free competition is to enter, the easier it is to win.

People are lazy and are generally put off competitions if they are required to fill in additional information or go to another store to purchase a magazine. Certain competitions may ask you to send proof of purchase before you receive your prize.

Without sending this, you could have to forfeit your prize to someone who has read the small print. In some cases, you may not even make it to the judging round by failing to read the small print. Whether you're looking for it or not, competitions are pretty much everywhere these days.

Free competitions are on social media websites, in your email inbox, in newspapers, on the TV and inside supermarkets.


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