Tescos rival undercuts their best broadband deal by five pence.

Tescos rival undercuts their best broadband deal by five pence.

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In recent weeks, the fight has been on to offer the very best broadband deal. Tesco has hit the headlines for their super cheap home broadband package which is advertised at just £2 per month. Competitors have raced to beat their best broadband deal, with one rival company undercutting Tesco and charging just £1.95 per month for their broadband service.

With home broadband services advertised at just £2 per month, it was expected that customers would flock to Tesco to take advantage of their best broadband deal. However, so far, that is not the case. Reportedly, a surprisingly low number of consumers have taken up the offer since its launch last month. Although advertised as £2, customers are only entitled to this cut price offer when also taking out a homephone package for £14.90 per month. Consumers may have found the advertised price to be misleading, or possibly even a little bit too much effort to switch their phone line and broadband service.

The company which aims to compete with Tesco to offer the best broadband deal is Direct Save Telecom. Much like Tesco’s deal, the price of £1.95 is available only to those who take out a phone package. Direct Save Telecom offer free weekend calls in an attempt to reel consumers in.

It seems that endless companies are trying to persuade customers to switch their broadband provider; however, do many of us actually do so? Whilst it is commonplace to switch your car insurance when the annual renewal is due, it has been reported that broadband providers are rarely switched in comparison. Consumers often miss out on the best broadband deal by simply getting too settled with their current provider and not looking elsewhere. Broadband packages tend to roll on from one year to the next, without that renewal letter which prompts us to compare prices elsewhere.

However, many consumers could be saving themselves money by shopping around for the best broadband deals on an annual basis. The low priced deals from Tesco and Direct Save Telecom have only shown their faces within recent months, not to mention the endless great deals by competitors that have surfaced over the past year. Consumers who have not compared new broadband tariffs may be overlooking a far cheaper option which perfectly suits their needs and requirements. Just like with car insurance, pet insurance and other services, there are a variety of comparison sites dedicated to getting you the best broadband deal, so why not give it a go?


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