The Importance of Buying a Home With The Best Broadband Access

The Importance of Buying a Home With The Best Broadband Access

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When purchasing a home, there are many obvious factors involved such as price, location, size and local schools. However, would you think to check whether your property has access to the best broadband? In this day and age, a decent internet connection is one of the basics of modern life; most households have online devices in every room.

A study carried out in 2011 revealed that nearly 70% of Brits stated that they would be put off from purchasing a property if it was not connected to the best broadband service possible. The study also revealed that broadband access was considered a “critical” factor in purchasing property.

Access to the best broadband is fast becoming a necessity for all members of the household. Without a decent broadband connection, children would struggle to complete their homework, business people would struggle to take their work home and university students would be unable to access their online course materials.

Unfortunately for those in some rural areas, the best broadband services are still unavailable. In order to get connected to super fast broadband, a household must be located near to fibre optic links; however, many countryside properties are still only connected to copper wire.

If you are considering purchasing a property, it is very wise to be aware of the varying broadband speeds in different areas. Even if you are not reliant on the internet yourself, you may find that when you come to sell the property, the value is decreased by the poor broadband service.

In order to find out about the broadband connection in your potential new property, check out whether the property is in a “broadband not spot” area or “slow spot” by doing a simple online search. Your estate agent should also be able to provide you with further details on the broadband service by asking the seller of the property. Failing that, you can find out the broadband speed by calling a provider and giving the telephone number and postcode in order to assess the situation.

In years to come, gaining access to the best broadband service should not be an issue. The government has plunged £830 million into guaranteeing that all areas benefit from a super fast broadband service. By 2015, it is hoped that over 12 million UK homes will have access to super fast broadband, as the government has pledged funding towards connecting those in broadband black spots.


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